CBS Cancels Braga's 'Threshold'

By Michelle
November 24, 2005 - 6:10 PM

CBS has cancelled Brannon Braga's Threshold after a move to Tuesday nights resulted in a drop in ratings.

E! Online's Kristin Veitch noted as an aside in her column about the plug being pulled on long-running thriller Alias that Braga's first series after the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise had been dropped by the network. The show finished a distant third in its time slot on November 22nd.

The show had not really had a chance to settle into its new time, noted TV Squad. Threshold traded its previous Friday 9 p.m. slot with Close To Home, which saw a rise on Friday in ratings from its original spot Tuesdays at 10. Threshold's Tuesday airing put it into competition with the highly-rated Law and Order: SVU, and this week it went up against the American Music Awards as well.

Threshold recently signed Catherine Bell, formerly of JAG, to play a new character. The series starred Carla Gugino and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner (Data).

TV Fodder stated that there had been no word whether the remaining episodes of Threshold would be aired on CBS or streamed online, where the network has been offering previous episodes to build an audience for the show.

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