'Enterprise' Experiences 'Affliction'

By Caillan
November 24, 2004 - 8:51 AM

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The Klingons will reportedly return to cause trouble for the NX-01 crew in the fifteenth episode of Enterprise's fourth season.

According to TrekToday sources, the episode, currently entitled "Affliction", will deal with a mysterious plague spreading throughout the Klingon Empire. Little else is known about the upcoming instalment at this time, except that a group of Klingons will board the Enterprise in an effort to extract information from the ship's database. During the attack, one of the boarding party, Marab, who has been inflicted by the plague, will be captured by the MACOs and imprisoned on board.

Meanwhile, Doctor Phlox will reportedly receive a tempting offer from the Interspecies Medical Exchange. The organisation offers him the position of Director of Xenobiology, but the Denobulan physician is torn between a sense a loyalty to the crew and the prospect of career advancement.

Before Phlox really has time to consider the offer, his circumstances will change dramatically when he is kidnapped by a group of aggressive Rigelians...

Please note that this information has not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat it as you would any other rumour. "Affliction" will likely air in January or February, 2005.

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