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5 Minutes Of 'Nemesis' Footage Online

By Caillan
November 24, 2002 - 3:44 PM

Paramount Pictures and IFILM recently made five minutes of 'Star Trek Nemesis' footage available on the Internet.

The clips form part of the 'Nemesis' reel produced for the ShowEast festival, where movie exhibitors gather to take an advance look at upcoming films, according to StarTrek.com.

In addition to footage previously seen in the theatrical trailer, the Show East reel includes three key scenes. The first depicts Picard and company's meeting with Shinzon; the second, a major battle scene; the third is a personal confrontation between Picard and Shinzon in the captain's ready room.

The clips are available to download from IFILM, but for those of you with slower connections, full transcripts of all three scenes can be found below. Please note that these scenes contain major spoilers.

"Just The One Of Us"

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [Picard, Deanna Troi, Data and Worf enter Shinzon's imposing audience chamber, which is dominated by a massive staircase and a large round circular window.]
[As Picard steps forward, Shinzon's voice echoes around the hall.]
Shinzon (off-screen): "I hope you'll forgive the darkness."
[Picard searches for the source of the voice.]
Shinzon (off-screen): "We're not comfortable in the light."
[Shrouded in darkness, Picard speaks out.]
Picard: "Praetor Shinzon?"
[Shinzon emerges from the shadows at the top of the staircase.]
Shinzon: "Captain Picard."
[As Shinzon comes forward, the shot changes to a wider angle. He speaks, emphasising every syllable of Picard's name.]
Shinzon: "Jean-Luc Picard."
[Picard strains to get a better view.]
[Camera looks down on the Starfleet crew from behind Shinzon's head.]
[Angle on Shinzon as he walks down the staircase.]
Shinzon: "I'd always imagined you a little taller. Isn't that odd?"
[Data is surreptitiously scanning the room.]
[Shinzon notices what Data is doing as he continues to walk down the stairs.]
Shinzon: "You may scan me without subterfuge, Commander Data."
[Data continues scanning; he notices someone hidden in the shadows.]
[The Reman Viceroy walks out of the darkness. The crew watch as he approaches.]
[Close-up of the Reman Viceroy.]
Picard (off-screen): "Why have you asked us to come here?"
[Deanna Troi looks around the room.]
[Shinzon walks down the steps, almost at their level now.]
Shinzon: "Peace. We want peace."
'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [Angle on Picard.]
[Angle on Shinzon on the staircase.]
Shinzon: "Computer, raise the lighting four levels."
[The Reman Viceroy backs off into the darkness again.]
[Shinzon stands in the centre of the staircase as the lights come up.]
[Shinzon's face is revealed as the hall becomes brighter - he looks exactly like a young Picard.]
[Picard is astonished at what he sees.]
[Angle on Shinzon.] Shinzon: "Come to dinner."
[Shinzon now stands directly in front of Picard.]
Shinzon: "Tomorrow, on Romulus. Just the two of us."
[Close-up of Shinzon.]
Shinzon: "Or should I say, just the one of us."
[Picard is wary.]

"He Wants To Look Me In The Eye"

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar, faces off with the Enterprise-E in space.]
[The Scimitar cloaks.]
[Shinzon enters the Scimitar's bridge.]
[Bridge from Shinzon's POV: Reman crew sit at their stations.]
Shinzon: "Disable their weapons."
[One of the Reman officers turns to his console.]
[A graphic of the Enterprise-E shows up on the display. The Reman targets the Enterprise bridge.]
[On the Enterprise-E, the warp core is in the process of overloading, with sparks and explosions everywhere.]
[Engineering crew are hit as their stations explode.]
[Picard activates his comm-badge.]
Picard: "Commander Riker, evasive maneuvers."
[Stellar Cartography shakes as the Enterprise-E is hit.]
[The Enterprise-E fires phasers at the cloaked vessel.]
[Picard enters the bridge from the turbolift, followed by Data.]
Picard: "Report!"
[Riker grips onto the command chair as the Enterprise is hit again.]
[Picard walks to his chair, which Riker vacates.]
Riker: "They're firing through the cloak - we can't get a lock."
[Picard takes his seat.]
Picard: "Mister Worf, prepare a full phaser spread, zero elevation."
[Worf works at his console.]
[Close-up of Data, now at his station.]
[Angle on Worf.]
Picard (off-screen): "All banks on my mark."
Worf: "Aye, sir."
[Picard and Riker are thrown about as the ship is hit again.]
[Picard gives the order.]
Picard: "Fire!"
[Worf prepares to fire.]
[Close-up of Worf's hand pressing the button.]
[The Enterprise-E fires the phaser spread.]
[The Scimitar returns fire, hitting the Enterprise.]
[Shinzon stands on the bridge of the Scimitar.]
Shinzon: "You're too slow, old man."
[Shinzon watches through the viewscreen as the Enterprise is pummelled by his weapons.]
[The Enterprise flies through space as it continues to take weapons fire.]
[Wide shot of the Enterprise bridge.]
[Close-up of a console.]
[Data gives a report.]
Data: "Forward shields down to ten percent."
'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [Angle on Riker.]
Riker: "Bring us about."
[The Enterprise flies forward, going head to head with the Scimitar.]
[Angle on the Enterprise helmsman.]
[Seen through the viewscreen, the Scimitar fires directly on the Enterprise bridge.]
[The viewscreen explodes as the bridge is hit, sending crew members flying.]
[Picard takes cover as debris flies everywhere.]
[Pipes and ceiling material crash around the crew; consoles explode.]
[The helmsman is sucked out through the breach in the bridge, but a female officer manages to hold onto the Ops console.]
[Data grabs onto the back of Picard's chair.]
[The female officer clings onto the Ops console as the vacuum of space tries to suck her off the Enterprise.]
[Debris flies out the breach at the front of the bridge.]
[Data grips onto Picard's chair; the captain keeps his head down.]
[A forcefield blocks up the breach and the female officer falls to the floor, holding onto the console.]
[Picard looks out through the breach, aghast at what has just transpired.]
[Data gazes at the breach.]
[Crew members pick themselves up off the floor.]
[Geordi looks at the breach.]
[The Scimitar is staring the Enterprise down. Picard walks towards the breach.]
[Angle on Deanna Troi.]
Deanna: "What's he doing?"
[Picard walks forward slowly.]
[The Scimitar slowly advances towards the Enterprise.]
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "He wants to look me in the eye."
[The Scimitar and Enterprise-E face off in space.]

"Childish Dreams"

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [A hologram of Shinzon is sitting in Picard's ready room. He gets up and walks through the captain's desk.]
[Picard stands in front of the door.]
Picard: "Why are you here?"
[Angle on Shinzon.]
Shinzon: "To accept your surrender."
[Picard turns away, as if to shake his head.]
[Angle on Shinzon.]
Shinzon: "I can clearly destroy you at any time."
[Picard begins to walk slowly towards Shinzon.]
Picard: "Your heart, your hands, your eyes..."
[Shinzon stares at Picard as he approaches.]
Picard (off-screen): "...are the same as mine. The blood pumping within you. The raw material is the same."
[Picard looks at Shinzon.]
Picard: "We have the same potential."
[Angle on Shinzon, almost sneering.]
Shizon: "There was a time you looked at the stars..."
[Angle on Picard.]
Picard: "...and dreamed of what might be."
[Shinzon pauses for a moment, then moves away.]
Shinzon: "Childish dreams, captain. Lost in the dilithium mines of Remus."
[Picard turns around to look at Shinzon, who swings back to address him.]
Shinzon: "I am what you see now."
'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures [Picard talks to Shinzon.]
Picard: "I see more than that. I see what you could be. A man who is Shinzon and Jean-Luc Picard. He could never exterminate the population of an entire planet. He's better than that."
[Wider shot of Picard and Shinzon facing off.]
Shinzon: "He is what his life has made him."
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "And what will you do with that life?"
[Angle on Shinzon as Picard approaches.]
Picard: "Waste it in a blaze of hatred?"
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "There is a better way."
[Shinzon shakes his head.]
Shinzon: "It's too late."
[Picard speaks with warmth in his voice.]
Picard: "Never, never. You still have a choice. Make the right one now."
[Angle on Shinzon.]
Shinzon: "I can't fight what I am."
[Picard moves forward.]
Picard: "Yes, you can."
[Shinzon backs off.]
[Close-up of Picard.]
[Shinzon stands resolute.]
Shinzon: "I'll show you my true nature. Our nature."

The scenes can be downloaded in Real Media, Windows Media and Quicktime formats here at IFILM.

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