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By Amy
November 24, 2000 - 4:57 PM

Hello World!

You know, earlier today I had a brilliant idea for today's column…. So brilliant, in fact, that while I'm sure it would have had you in stitches, I've completely forgotten what it was. Oh well. I do have to say that it's interesting how the world works, sometimes… As I'm sure most of you out there in tv land are aware… actually, given the fact that on a world importance scale, Australia comes in at just under 'ice-cream', not aware, one of the main cables connecting the land down under to the rest of the world up over was accidentally severed some days ago. Don't ask me how – apparently it got ripped up by a ship anchor. This report is unconfirmed as far as I'm aware – well, if you were the captain of a ship that had just torn up a very important cable, would you stick around so that several million p.o..'d Australian net users could tear you to shreds? I think not. At any rate, the long and short of this is that the data carrying services of this country have been drastically reduced. Mind you, it's a Telstra line so it's quite hard to tell the difference. But, coming back to the 'it's a funny old world' theme, my dear co-editor found himself in the same boat today, when some idiot severed a local cable. So, until both of our respective problems are fixed, updates might be a tad uneven.

In other news – today marked the beginning of Leavers Week, 'Schoolies' or 'Leavers', at it's generally called. It's hard to explain to anyone who's not an Australian senior high school or university student the exact concept of leavers. It goes something like this: practically every year 12 student around West Aust, at least (I'm not so sure about over east) and quite a few uni students gravitate to certain locations around the state – Rottnest Island, Dunsburough, Busselton, Kalbari, Mandurah, Dongara, just to name a few – where they celebrate the end of exams in one massive display of friendship, stress-relief and binge-drinking. It's so massive an event that police aren't even bothering attempting to stop underage drinking (quite a number of year 12s haven't actually turned 18 by the end of school) and are only issuing cautions to those caught in possession of illegal substances – they simply lack the man-power. Still, while I'm certainly not advocating use of any of those substances – I'm actually something of a tee-tollar by the standards of some of my friends – leavers is always a blast for those involved. I still look fondly back on my own which, while tame compared to many, was still great fun, full of days spent lounging on the beach, unobtrusively observing any fine specimens of manhood that happened to chance by… Not that *I* did that... ;D

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-In Canada, Space! will be showing TNG's 'Booby Trap' at 12pm, TOS's 'The Shore Leave' at 4pm, DS9's 'The Visitor' at 5pm and Voyager's 'Nemesis' at 10pm

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