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By Amy
November 24, 2000 - 10:49 AM

Our own Fred Shedian (Ed's note: not Sheridan, as I've been saying for some reason – many apologies Fred!) has just posed the question I'm sure quite a lot of us out there are asking with the sudden appearance of continuity and other un-heard of things in Voyager- that is: who are you & where are our writers?

After watching the last three episodes of Voyager, and living in the state of Florida across the pond called the Atlantic, I cannot hold back my feelings any longer.

I demand a recount! Where have the real Voyager writers gone and who are these impostors?!?

After watching "Inside Man," "Body and Soul" and now "Nightingale" I have to ask the question...where did these episodes come from? I am absolutely astounded at the quality entertainment these three adventures provide. Has the change over from Brannon Braga to Kenneth Biller made that much of a difference? Looking at these episodes, they are indeed some of the first Biller is listed as Executive Producer for without Braga's name along side. Is it possible that the writing problems of Voyager have been pinpointed to one man?

Looking at the adventures, "Inside Man" was an episode that reminded me what Star Trek really is. This adventure had everything, from plot twists to greedy Ferengi. Every character fit into the puzzle perfectly, playing their roles to perfection. Dwight Schultz's performance was superb, with his portrayal of his holographic counterpart simply amazing. In addition, he provided the comedic/light hearted/loveable flavor we have often found lacking in Voyager. The scene on the beach introducing Troi to the episode is something which could have been a complete flop if the acting hadn't been there. With it present, the scene was very amusing...proving that sunscreen will fail to change much in two hundred years. When this adventure was over, I found myself holding two thoughts. First, how refreshing to see someone beyond Jeri Ryan be the hero...followed by the age old question, "Can they keep this quality up or is this a fluke?"

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