Wil Wheaton Interview

By Amy
November 24, 2000 - 10:32 AM

Over at Fandom, Star Trek Central's AntonyF has posted a transcript of the Q&A session the site held with Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) some months ago. In the session, Wheaton talks about his career currently, Star Trek in general and what it's like to be one of only three people to have quit the show.

katt1980: I heard that you write in one of your interviews, what sort of genre do you prefer?

WilWheaton: Well, it`s easier to give you my influences. Burroughs, Ginsberg, Rollins, Kerouac. so my stories reflect those influences. I also write essays and LOTS of political things my poison pen is legendary and if you go to www.latimes.com, you can read a letter of mine that they published in the sports section last week. it is in TJ Simer`s column but don`

WilWheaton: dammit. if I hit the return key one more time when I want to type a ` I`m going to scream *screams loudly*

AntonyF: How do you feel overall about your time with Star Trek? Is it something you regret, that you think has perhaps hindered your work, or something that you value as part of a varied career?

WilWheaton: I have mixed feelings about TNG. in one way, it was really cool, and I learned a lot about acting from the other cast members. but in another way, it`s been hard for people in the entertainment industry to see me as a seperate person, apart from Wesley, and from Gordie. but, overall, being on something that is iconoclastic never hurts a career and I am proud of my work on TNG.

AntonyF: Yourself, Denise Crosby and Terry Farrell are the only cast members who have chosen to leave Trek. How do you feel, unique perhaps in standing up to Trek? Also Rick Berman recently said that probably, if you had to be honest, you and Denise would probably say you regretted leaving TNG (or words to that effect.) Do you agree with that at all?

WilWheaton: I can say, right now, publicly, and I hope you will copy this around the world, that I do not regret leaving Star Trek, in any way at all.

To read the full Q&A session, please click here.

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