New 'Flesh and Blood' Photo, Poster and Synopsis

By Amy
November 24, 2000 - 8:42 AM

A new black-and-white photo and synposis (scanned in from next week's issue of TV guide Magazine)of next week's Voyager telemovie, 'Flesh and Blood', has been posted at Voyager's Delights, in addition to a promotional poster now online at UPN.

This image is copyright of Paramount The Doctor's loyalties are spilt between his allegiance to Voyager and his sympathy for a kindred group of holograms in a tense two-hour episode.

When Janeway loaned hologram technology to the Hirogen, she didn't intend for it to be used for hunting. But the Hirogen did just that, eventually upgrading the holograms to make them more challenging prey. This tampering backfires, though, when the holograms revolt against the Hirogen, who ask for Janeway's help. Her efforts are complicated by the crisis of conscience experienced by the Doctor (Robert Picardo), who's being wooed by the rebels' charismatic-and cunning-leader (Jeff Yagher).

The black and white scan and synopsis can be found here, while the poster can be viewed here. Please note that the above image of copyright of Paramount.

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