Greenwood On Pike And 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
October 24, 2008 - 2:04 AM

Canon may be broken a bit in Star Trek XI as far as Christopher Pike and Captain Kirk are concerned.

As reported by UGO, Bruce Greenwood shared a bit about working on Star Trek XI, where he plays Christopher Pike. "Well, Iím literally sworn to secrecy in many ways. So I canít give you any story points at all," he said.

But Greenwood was able to talk about the strict security measures taken to keep Star Trek XI details secret. "I can tell you the security was so tight that not only do we sign these massive telephone-book-sized disclosure agreements, but even when we were on the lot at Paramount, they put up a big fence around all the trailers," he said. "And then after we got into our costumes, we had to put on these huge massive ponchos with hoods, then scurry into a tented-over golf cart, that while on the lot was driven to a plastic garage off the stage. Then we were escorted quickly onto the stage from the curtained golf cart. It was just crazy."

Canon may have been tweaked a bit as far as interactions between Pike and Kirk are concerned. In The Menagerie, when Kirk was asked if he had ever met Pike, he responded with "We met when he was promoted to Fleet Captain," and it seemed like the implication was that the meeting had been brief. But when asked if he had worked with Chris Pine on some of the scenes, Greenwood said, "Oh, yeah. I worked with all the kids," adding that "Chris is fantastic."

Preparing for his role as Pike meant doing some homework for Greenwood. "I went back and watched all the Jeffrey Hunter stuff," he said. But Greenwood drew the line at recreating Jeffrey Hunter's hairstyle. "Iím not going to look like him. I havenít got that kind of 'do going on."

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