Fuller Wants To Create 'Star Trek' Television Series

By T'Bonz
October 24, 2008 - 1:06 AM

Bryan Fuller is serious about wanting to create a new Star Trek series for television.

As reported by IFMagazine.com, Fuller has already spoken to people and made his desires known on the matter. "I told my agent and told the people of J.J. Abrams team I want to create another 'Star Trek' series and have an idea that Iím kicking around," he said.

Fuller first mentioned his desire to bring back Star Trek to the small screen in an interview last month located here, where he said that he felt that Kirk, Spock and McCoy should remain in the movies. "You wouldn't have to be on the same ship or have the same characters as the original 'Star Trek,'" he said, "but you could be in the same timeline and universe. 'Star Trek' has to recreate itself. Otherwise, all the characters start to feel the same. You always have a captain, a doctor, a security officer, and you have the same arguments based on those perspectives. It starts to feel too familiar. So all those paradigms where it takes place on a starship have to be shaken up."

What was missing from the newer versions, according to Fuller, would be restored if he had his way. "I would love to return to the spirit of the old series with the colors and attitude. I loved 'Voyager' and 'Deep Space Nine,' but they seem to have lost the '60s fun and I would love to take it back to its origin."

To read more, including Fuller's comments on his current show, Pushing Daisies, head to the article located here.

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