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Armstrong Silent On Forrest's Fate

By Michelle
October 24, 2004 - 4:44 PM

Vaughn Armstrong, who has played eleven different roles spread over several Star Trek series, is keeping mum on the fate of his latest character, Star Trek: Enterprise's Admiral Forrest, who is rumoured to die during a terrorist action in the show's fourth season.

"I think that you're just going to have to wait and see...I will say that if I knew I wouldn't tell you," laughed Armstrong in a new interview at Sci Fi Pulse conducted during the Cult TV Festival in England the weekend of October 8th. He added that he had been promised the chance to play other characters on the series and hopes to film those roles soon, "because I hope to do 100 before I die and its took me 15 years to do 11 so I've got to hurry."

Of all the characters he has played, Armstrong said the two he most wanted to revisit were the Romulan captain from Eye Of The Needle who had gone on to have a life in Trek novels and Korath, the old Klingon admiral from Voyager's "Endgame", who also appears as a much younger character in Star Trek: The Experience. The younger Korath is more impetuous, so "when you see him on the ride he is an over acting fool", explained the actor.

Armstrong, who draws on his experiences as a Vietnam War veteran to play military officers, said that the father-son chemistry between Forrest and Archer developed partly from the screenplay and partly because of his own relationship with Scott Bakula. "I saw him as a Father figure from the very beginning [but] I don't know if that's how it was conceived or if they developed that accidentally," he noted. The cast, he said, is more relaxed than when he worked with them in the earliest episodes, "very happy to be in each others presence and happy to have the jobs."

Armstrong said that the JAG set, where he has made guest appearances, is not nearly as pleasant, as the lead actor "was cruel to the extras and so full of himself he threatened to walk off the set." He would like to play the lead in a Western, "but if I were playing a person who inspired me? I'd like to do my Father perhaps because he had a very hard yet simple and dedicated life, he would be an interesting role to play." He also listed historical figures from Eisenhower to Alexander the Great as dream roles, as well as Superman.

For more on Armstrong, including his musical career, see the original article at Sci Fi Pulse.

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