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By Lisa
October 25, 2002 - 12:19 AM

Hello World!

Last night I went downstairs to feed the dog. As you do. I flicked on the kitchen light switch and one of the lightbulbs in the light fitting exploded, scattering glass all over the kitchen. I sighed and cleaned up the mess, and then opened the fridge to take out the dog food. And everything went black.

No, nothing quite so dramatic as me fainting. The electricity for the whole estate appeared to be down. No streetlights, so everything was totally dark.

I sighed and felt under the sink for the torch that is kept there for just such emergencies. I turned it on, only to find that the batteries had gone. Typical.

I made my way to the front room, tripping over slippers, DVD cases and dogs on the way, and switched on the gas fire, resulting in a little light. The dog and I curled up on a chair by the window, waiting for any signs of life in the outside world. After about half an hour, we realised that this was not going to be a simple on/off power outage.

These things should not happen in 21st century urban northern England. I am a girl of the modern era, I do not cope without acccess to modern devices. I start to itch without hot coffee being readily available.

All in all, the power was off for about two hours. The net result of this strange happeneing was twofold. Firstly, the central heating timer was messed up, so the house was bloody freezing when I had to roll out of bed this morning. And secondly I ended up finishing reading Henry IV, Part One by candlelight; a process which has been pointed out to me, was very Adrian Mole. Eugh.

No power cuts tonight, touch wood. It better stay that way.

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