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Quinto And Burk On 'Reframed' 'Star Trek'

By T'Bonz
September 24, 2008 - 9:25 PM

Star Trek XI will hopefully reinvigorate the Star Trek franchise and lead to more Star Trek movies in the future.

As reported by, as seen in SFX, many terms have been bandied about when it comes to describing the new Star Trek movie, and Zachary Quinto came up with yet another one. When asked if the objective was to reinvigorate Star Trek, Quinto said, "I think it is. I think it's to reframe a franchise whose genesis had incredible foresight. It was a very prescient series, ahead of its time, and it had so much social relevance when it first came on the air. It's about taking the integrity of that and reframing it for today's world, which is obviously vastly different from the world of forty years ago."

It's up to fans to support this effort to restart Star Trek though. "Once it's released into the Zeitgeist, then it's not up to us," said Quinto. "I hope people respond in a way that gives these characters and this story some more life but that's something that will only reveal itself once the movie is released."

Executive Producer Bryan Burk agreed with Quinto's sentiments. "If enough people go and see the movie, hopefully the franchise will continue. That's the plan and that's the hope. Having seen the movie, everyone here says this feels like a big summer movie."

Eager fans may see a new trailer for Star Trek XI by the end of the year according to Roberto Orci as reported by IESB. When asked when would fans be able to see the new Star Trek XI trailer, Orci said, "Before Christmas sometime I think."

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