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By Lisa
September 24, 2001 - 10:49 PM

  • Wednesday night won't present too much of a dilemma in households without a video machine - thanks to NBC. The network has postponed the premiere of the West Wing's third season by a week. Series creator Aaron Sorkin is preparing a special stand alone show that will address concerns raised by the recent terrorist attacks. Thanks to Zap2it for this news.

  • A new article at Cinescape takes a look at the up and coming genre TV shows in the Fall season. Including, of course, Enterprise.

  • Details of TNN's Next Generation marathon are now available online. From October 1st, the network will be dominated by TNG to celebrate the channel's new place as 'the home of Star Trek.' Full details of what episodes will be shown and when, can be found here at TNN. Thanks go out to Tiberius for this news!

  • Austin, Texas Star Trek Fans are hosting a premiere screening of Enterprise at 7:30pm on September 26th. This is a charity event benefiting Hospice Austin. The event is located at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre downtown. In addition a Matinee showing of Enterprise will be shown at 4pm on September 30th. For more details check out the Austin-Trek forum.

  • UK tabloid newspaper the News of the World posted a short article about Enterprise star Jolene Blalock. "CAPTAIN'S Log, Star date 2001. Spock's replacement is behaving very oddly and appears to have grown breasts," says the article, titled 'Phasers on Stunner.' Thanks to Tom Riker for spotting this!

  • Julia Houston's new article at's Star Trek Fans is a Voyager retrospective.

    How can I sum up such an incredibly good show? I don't want to get all bogged down defending a show from the folks who've never appreciated it. The people who couldn't understand what they had in first-run may someday reconsider while watching reruns...or not. I'm much more interested in celebrating seven great years of adventure with my fellow Voyager fans.

    To read the full analysis, please follow this link.

  • Leonard Nimoy (Spock) appeared at Merkin Concert Hall in New York for its 'Birthday ofthe World' program for the Jewish High Holidays. A very emotional report which includes Nimoy's appearance and the views of other performers in New York in the wake of last week's tragedy, can be found here at the NY Times.

  • The Official Jeri Ryan Homepage is back from a short time offline - thanks to the dreaded Nimda computer virus.

  • There's a new round-up of Star Trek Book news for October up at the Trekker Newsletter by Jacqueline Bundy . Bundy takes a look at what new releases will be available in October, and includes a round-up of the latest book news. For more, head over to TTN.

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