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An archive of Star Trek News

Gaming Bullets

By Amy
September 24, 2000 - 8:21 AM

  • Hailing Frequencies (not to be confused with Julia Houston's column of the same name), have had a look at the demo of Starfleet Command: Volume 2. Reviewer E.L. "SFCSfaret" Crisler seems to have enjoyed the demo, remarking on the improved AI and graphics. In his final comments, he says: "if you are an SFC fan then this is a must download, the game that has drained us of our lives has stepped up the level. Just when we had gotten acclimated to SFC and where beginning kick our addiction, Taldren has up the dosage and driven us to a new Star Trek Gaming high!"

  • George Broussard has updated his .plan files with a brief and somewhat unusual look at 'Star Trek: Elite Force'.

  • has added a review of 'Elite Force' by Shinji. Shinji seemed to enjoy the game, noting as so many other have, that this is a nice break away from the tradition low standard of Trek games. In his final notes, he remarks that "all in all, for most gamers, this will come across as a run-of-the-mill FPS game, if a slightly above-average one. Unless you're really desperate for a new first-person shooter, there are much better games on the shelves, such as the recently released KISS: Psycho Circus. However, if you're a Star Trek fan, Elite Force is a must- stylishly recreating the Starship Voyager and her crew down to the tiniest detail, and giving you the best chance yet to truly interact with a lively Star Trek scenario."

  • has also added a review of 'Elite Force'. Chris "Kropotkin" O'Regan is very positive about the game, saying that "without a shadow of a doubt this is the best game ever written that is set within the Star Trek universe" though, along with many other reviewers, he found the game to be short.

  • Windariahttp at Stratos Group has reviewed Star Trek: New Worlds, awarding it a surprising 7.5/10, saying "With a patch or two, Star Trek: New Worlds has the chance to come out as a very good game, everything that it was expected to be."

  • Decipher have published the the complete Enhanced Premiere card list, as well as spoiler text for every card (in pdf format only).

  • And finally, Decipher have also announced that the Enhanced Premiere set will be legal for some of the DecipherCon 2000 events, including Days 2 and 3 of the World Championships, the Team Championships and Enhanced Premiere Tournaments.

    Thanks go out to Blues News and Evil Avatar for some of these.

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