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By Amy
September 24, 2000 - 6:41 AM

  • The 31st issue of The Trekker Newsletter was released recently, containing the usual roundup of news with the Excelsior video and Paris/Torres marriage details, as well as their interview of Pocket Books Star Trek editor, John Ordover.

  • MediaTrek has obtained a reportedly rare 'Star Trek: the Experience' 30 second promotional video. Airing at the Vegas airport on the jumbo monitors and on the local TV affiliates in the area, the 30 second spot is not the one most have seen on Paramount home videos or from a year back on Webmaster Matthew Klaehn reports that while lower quality than usual, this video includes shots of the actors, and much of the sets (bridge, shuttle, shuttlebay, etc) and also a good amount of the special FX from the actual ride.

  • As well as the above video clip, MediaTrek has also added three clips featuring William Shatner (James T. Kirk), the famous Saturday Night Live Monologue and "Get A Life" SNL Skit In Trek Humor, a "TJ Hooker" SNL skit and the "Self Centered Man" Skit, all of which can be found in their Trek Humor section.

  • As of October 4, the Charleston-Huntington West Virginia area will again be getting Voyager, thanks to WHCP WB 30, who will begin showing new episodes on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM ET. You can look at the station's programming schedule by going here.

  • Over at the Cynics Corner, Matthias Horn has translated another review, this time of DS9's "Inquisition", into German. The translation can be found here.

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