'Andromeda' Bullets

By Christian
July 24, 2000 - 10:59 AM

Now that SlipstreamWeb, a site dedicated purely to 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda', has finally opened, I won't be reporting all 'Andromeda' news items on TrekToday anymore. However, in order to not immediately stop all Andromeda reporting completely for the next few months I'll be posting weekly updated here on TrekToday informing you of the most important Andromeda news from the past week. Simply click on the headlines to read more about news items that interest you:

  • More Production People Revealed
    Thanks to the Internet Movie Database, it is now known who three of the show's first directors are, as well as which episodes some of them will be directing. In addition, the first guest actor has been revealed, and 4 of the film editors.

  • Robert Wolfe Interviewed On Than
    Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the show's head writer, was recently interviewed by Don Lipper at Space.com, continuing his weekly series of 'Andromeda' Dispatches. This week, Wolfe talked about the Than, the insectoid race with some unusual mating habits.

  • Disney On 'Ready Or Not' Cancellation
    The Disney Channel recently ended repeats of 'Ready or Not', the acclaimed Canadian children's drama show that featured Laura Bertram (Trance Gemini on Andromeda) as Amanda Zimm.

  • AndromedaTV.com To Feature Digital Trailers
    It has just been announced that the official 'Andromeda' site will feature digitised versions of the teaser clips that were sent out in July to the stations airing the show. The trailers will go up by early August at the latest, together with a big site update.
More news items on Andromeda can be found at SlipstreamNews, the Andromeda equivalent of TrekToday, almost every day. While you're there, be sure to also check out the Slipstream BBS - with about 70 posts per day there for the past week, as well as some of the show's staff writers posting on the boards, it's already become one of the liveliest places on the net to talk 'Andromeda'.

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