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By Michelle
June 24, 2005 - 4:46 AM

Hello World!

This week my family attempted to make up for all the things we didn't do last week when we had chicken pox in the house, and had a proper beginning of summer.

Over the weekend we went to two nautical festivals - the Maritime Heritage Festival in Historic St. Mary's City, which is a recreation of the original capital of the state of Maryland complete with reenactors playing soldiers and plantation workers, and the Alexandria Waterfront Festival, where there are always tall ships, parrots, a traveling aquarium and live music. Then on Tuesday we went to the Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center to geek over the orbital shuttle Enterprise and the dozens of rockets and planes, including a Lockheed Blackbird and one of the Russian Vega probes.

We also watched lots of videos, including Spaceballs (as silly as I remembered, but rather a propos after Revenge of the Sith and Apollo 13 (which confirmed my suspicions that Ron Howard has now made the same movie three times, though I do love that one). We all watched and enjoyed Wildfire, too, since I insisted on putting it on to see Nana Visitor and the kids put up with the "girl" story because of the horse racing.

And after that we put on the George Lucas AFI tribute, mostly to see William Shatner singing "My Way". But then we could not resist leaving it on to watch the Mark Hamill-Harrison Ford-Carrie Fisher reunion onstage, and to hear Bill Murray singing the "Star Wars" song from Saturday Night Live.

Next week I am going to a family reunion for my husband's relatives in Seattle, so I will not be around and my retro review will be late. Look at it this way: by definition it'll have to be more positive than anything I had to say about "Mudd's Women", which was even worse than I remembered! And I will have reports from the Olympic Peninsula and Tall Ships Tacoma, too.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from June 2003:

  • 'Enterprise' Likely To Return September 24
    UPN announced the starting date for its fall season premieres, suggesting that Enterprise would kick off its third season on Wednesday the 24th of September, 2003. UPN set the week of the 22nd of September as its official premiere week and changed the name of The Opposite Sex to Eve.

  • New Billingsley Movie Coming October 10
    John Billingsley (Phlox) discussed his new film Out of Time, which stars Denzel Washington, saying, "I play Denzel's best friend, a scrofulous, amoral coroner." He added that he had no ambition to write for Enterprise but would like to branch out into more film roles.

  • T'Pol Heats Up Spaceys
    T'Pol won the title of Favourite TV Hottie in the first annual Spacey Awards, an award accepted by Jolene Blalock on behalf of her alter ego. "The viewers have chosen me as the sexiest sci-fi babe, and that is an honour," she said. "Thank you very much."

More news can be found in the archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Would you be most likely to watch a new show from...
Manny Coto 27.3% - (514 Votes)
Ira Behr 15.6% - (295 Votes)
Joss Whedon 14.6% - (276 Votes)
Ron Moore 12.8% - (242 Votes)
JMS 11.3% - (214 Votes)
None of the above 5.7% - (108 Votes)
Chris Carter 3.9% - (75 Votes)
Rick Berman 3.2% - (61 Votes)
Robert Hewitt Wolfe 1.7% - (32 Votes)
Brannon Braga 1.5% - (30 Votes)
Rene Echevarria 1% - (19 Votes)
Brian Fuller 0.3% - (7 Votes)
Ken Biller 0.3% - (6 Votes)

Total Votes: 1879

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Happy Birthday!

Next Tuesday, June 28th, is the birthday of Borg Queen Alice Krige.

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