'Enterprise' Likely To Return September 24

By Christian
June 24, 2003 - 11:07 PM

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UPN today announced the starting date for its fall season premieres, strongly suggesting that Enterprise will kick off its third season on Wednesday the 24th of September.

According to a report on Mr. Video Productions, UPN has set the week of the 22nd of September as its official premiere week. UPN indicated that not all of its shows will necessarily premiere during that week, but it seems likely that as one of UPN's flagship shows Enterprise will be part of the initial batch of shows to return.

If this is the case, viewers will be able to see "The Expanse, Part Two" on Wednesday the 24th of September, and find out more about the new mission of Captain Archer and his crew. Before that, UPN will undoubtedly repeat "The Expanse, Part One", but it is not yet known whether UPN will be airing this on the same day as the season premiere. During Voyager's run, UPN used to kick off its new seasons by airing the previous season's finale together with the premiere as a two-hour movie, but last year UPN chose to use the season premiere of Enterprise to launch its new series The Twilight Zone. This year, UPN may elect to do the same to give Jake 2.0 a good start.

Another new show that UPN will be premiering in September is its new Monday night sitcom starring hip-hop singer Eve. This show, telling the story of a fashion designer on the lookout for love, used to be the called The Opposite Sex. However, in order to "better market and promote the new series," UPN announced today it has retitled the show into simply Eve.

More on the name change can be found here/A> at MediaWeek. Thanks go out to Vidiot for the UPN premiere date news!

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