First Pictures Of 'Broken Bow' Figures

By Caillan
June 25, 2002 - 2:55 AM

'Broken Bow figures' photo - courtesy Art Asylum, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount PicturesToy manufacturer Art Asylum recently released the first official images of their 'Broken Bow' action figure range.

Currently set for release in August, the line kicks off with six of the characters featured in the Enterprise premiere episode, 'Broken Bow.' As seen in the picture to the right, these are Klaang the Klingon, Silik the Suliban, Captain Jonathan Archer, Sub-Commander T'Pol, Ensign Travis Mayweather, and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

All the figures will be sold separately, with the NX-01 crew members being released in deluxe versions in September and October. The deluxe figures will come with their accompanying bridge console, featuring sound effects and voice clips, with all the consoles joining to form a bridge playset.

'Broken Bow figures' photo - courtesy Art Asylum, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount PicturesFor those wondering how the figures will sit down, the picture to the left demonstrates Art Asylum's hidden hip-joint system. Instead of a conventional joint system, the figures use special soft plastic to hide the joins. The same technique will be applied to the company's 'Star Trek: Nemesis' range.

Preview images of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lt. Commander Data 'Nemesis' figures were recently posted at According to the site, the full range will be released in October this year, and will include figures of primary villain Shinzon and his henchman, the Reman viceroy. The images can be found here; official versions are expected following the official release of the 'Nemesis' trailer.

Art Asylum acquired the Trek toy license in December last year (story). The 'Broken Bow' figures will be followed later in the fall by the 'Away Team' range, featuring Enterprise characters in their bronze spacesuits. The manufacturer will open a dedicated Star Trek section of its web site in a few weeks.

Larger versions of the 'Broken Bow' images can be found here and here at Art Asylum. Thanks to 'JR' and 'Mr. J' for this.

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