First Enterprise TV Promo Online

By Lisa
May 24, 2001 - 12:32 PM

Last night, after 'Endgame' UPN showed the first promotional TV trailer for Enterprise the next Star Trek Series.

Despite last week's promise of new footage (story), the promo consisted only of promotional images for the new show. Courtesy of MediaTrek, a digitised version of the clip is now available to download. First, take a look at the transcript and some screen-captures, which remain copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

[Space starscape background.]


['JANEWAY' text in silver lettering passes across screen.]


['PICARD' text in silver letters.]


['SPOCK' text in silver letters.]


['KIRK' text in silver letters.]


['ENTERPRISE' Logo flashes across screen.]
[Camera Pans back to show the full logo.]

ENTERPRISE, this fall on UPN

[A shot of the 'ENTERPRISE' logo with UPN logo and 'Fall 2001' underneath.]

'ENTERPRISE' promo - copyright Paramount Pictures, courtesy MediaTrek

The clip is available as a 3.0 MB zipped file to download by following this link to Media Trek.

In New York, UPN 9 aired a series of clips taken from their previous interviews with the cast of Voyager and shown after recent episodes.

The segment included some Enterprise commentary, including a short interview with William Shatner (James T Kirk), but no new images. The news presenter said that the show would premiere on the network in October, though, as previously announced, UPN is in fact planning an August launch. Below is a transcript of the relevant section:

Wiliam Shatner: "There is something in the formula of the franchise that seems to work and it will work again [for] Scott Bakula and Enterprise."

UPN News: "Enterprise, which is a prequel to the original series will premiere on UPN in October. And soon to go in production is Star Trek 10. That's the working title for the next movie. Patrick Stewart [will be back] and - so will the Romulans."

You can view a full transcript of the segment, and download it for yourself in Real Media format, at P/K All the Way.

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