McNeill Talks Season Six

By Christian
May 24, 2000 - 10:44 PM

For this week's SF celebrity interview in the Science Fiction Weekly, Melissa Perenson talked to Robert Duncan McNeill, who stars as Tom Paris on 'Voyager'. In most of the interview, McNeill talks about Voyager's sixth season, which he rather liked:

How would you characterize this season as a whole?

McNeill: I would characterize this year as probably the year that was most relaxed for everyone. I think, getting to our sixth season, everyone realizes the routine. There was a lot of ease this year, which was nice.

What about the directions Tom Paris has gone in? Which episodes from this season stand out in your mind?

McNeill: I had quite a bit to do [early in the season]. I had one particularly big episode, "Alice." I really enjoyed doing that episode as an actor, because I had to chew the scenery a bit more than usual. And hit some higher emotional levels than I generally am used to doing. That was a lot of fun. Later in the season I've had a lot less to do. [Paris] is a lot of fun to play. He has fun on the show, and the part of the character reacting to the other characters. He's proven he's a leader, and can be a responsible person.

For more, please read the full interview. Thanks go out to Cinescape for the link!

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