Paramount Releasing UK 'Voyager' Telemovie Videos

By Christian
May 24, 2000 - 10:28 PM

Christopher Howell at the Great Link just posted a news item stating that, over the next few months, Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing many of Voyager's telefilms in a special video collection. Here are the release dates for the tapes:

-July 3rd: 'Basics'
-July 3rd: 'Future's End'
-August 7th: 'Scorpion'
-August 7th: 'Year Of Hell'
-September 4th: 'The Killing Game'
-September 4th: 'Equinox'

In addition, on the 3rd of October Paramount will apparently be releasing a tape (or tapes) containing both the DS9 premiere, 'Emissary', and the finale, 'What You Leave Behind'.

All these tapes will be available at a recommended retail price of 12.99.

In other video news, the Great Link is also reporting that 'Voyager' videos 6.3 and 6.4 are now available in Australia. The actual news item at TGL has a scan of the 6.4 video cover.

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