Paramount Releasing UK 'Voyager' Telemovie Videos

By Christian
May 24, 2000 - 10:28 PM

Christopher Howell at the Great Link just posted a news item stating that, over the next few months, Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing many of Voyager's telefilms in a special video collection. Here are the release dates for the tapes:

-July 3rd: 'Basics'
-July 3rd: 'Future's End'
-August 7th: 'Scorpion'
-August 7th: 'Year Of Hell'
-September 4th: 'The Killing Game'
-September 4th: 'Equinox'

In addition, on the 3rd of October Paramount will apparently be releasing a tape (or tapes) containing both the DS9 premiere, 'Emissary', and the finale, 'What You Leave Behind'.

All these tapes will be available at a recommended retail price of £12.99.

In other video news, the Great Link is also reporting that 'Voyager' videos 6.3 and 6.4 are now available in Australia. The actual news item at TGL has a scan of the 6.4 video cover.

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