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By Christian
May 24, 2000 - 10:17 PM

Over at's Star Trek Fans, Julia Houston has put up a new feature article, in which she wonders if bringing back 'Voyager' at the end of the series would be a good idea. Julia agrees there would be many interesting stories to tell after a return, but she wonders if that would really be worth the price:

DS9's ending was most flawed in that it was so much of an ending. We're hardly left able to dream about what adventures O'Brien and Bashir are up to, considering that O'Brien went back to Earth. Now that the war is over, I guess Kira's overseeing commercial traffic at the station, but since Odo isn't supposed to return to her, we haven't a clue how her personal life is going. Sisko is training in non-linear thinking with his mother, which is kind of hard and a little dull to imagine. Worf is the Ambassador to Kronos, which means that the defining aspect of his character, being a Klingon among humans, is now defunct.

In having such a final end, DS9 allowed the cancellation of the series to cancel out all the show's momentum. In bringing Voyager back to Earth, Voyager were be even deader in the water.

A good adventure never dies. If we can't have more than seven seasons, why can't we at least have the possibility of more than seven years of stories, whether in books, or fanfic, or, just maybe, a movie sometime? Just because TPTB don't want to play with their toys anymore, do they really have to pack them away and spoil all our fun?

For the full article, which also includes a poll on this topic, please follow this link.

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