15 Trek eBooks Free For Download (Updated!)

By Christian
May 24, 2000 - 9:32 PM

Microsoft has just announced a special promotional action for the Pocket PC, a PADD-like device on which you can read electronic books (or eBooks). For a limited time, in conjunction with Simon & Schuster and Barnesandnoble.com, they will be offering fifteen Trek novels for free download.

The books made available as part of this deal are the first five numbered books in the TOS, TNG and DS9 novel series, including, for instance, Gene Roddenberry's own novelisation of 'The Motion Picture', J.M. Dillard's 'Emissary' novelisation and Dafydd ab Hugh's excellent 'Fallen Heroes' novel.

Simon & Schuster has always been a strong promoter of eBooks. They gained worldwide attention when they published Stephen King's story 'Riding The Bullet' exclusively in electronic form, and the Trek novels are currently being realised on eBook at around the same time the print version appears.

You can download the books by going to this area on the bn.com site, while more about this can be read in the press release from Microsoft.

[Update:] David Henderson at Psi Phi has uploaded a transcript of the ad that Microsoft placed for this in yesterday's USA Today.

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