Crosby, Nygard Plan 'Trekkies 2'

By Michelle
April 24, 2003 - 10:32 PM

Actress Denise Crosby and director Roger Nygard are planning a sequel to Trekkies, their film about the passions of Star Trek fans.

According to the Trekkies 2 web site, Crosby and Nygard want to contact overseas viewers who were overlooked in the first film and to do a better job portraying the generosity of fans. They will be filming at conventions in Germany, Paris, London, Italy and Australia, as well as at conventions in the United States. They have also put out a request for fan videotapes on the film's official site.

"Star Trek fandom knows no borders, and weíll further investigate just how this television show has permeated the human psyche worldwide," write the producers on the site, where they also promise to address the concerns of audiences about the depiction of fans in the first film:

One thing we would like to do better is present more of the charitable side of Trek fandom, seeing this in action, and observing and hearing more of the stories of how fans donate their time, money, and other efforts to better their communities .

The producers state that they are "open to all opinions", including criticism of the first film, in order to explore the Trek phenomenon and its positive messages.

Thanks to Mads StrÝmsnes for passing on this press release about the new film. More information can be found at the official web site.

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