Voyager's 'Destiny' Alters Course

By Christian
April 24, 2001 - 9:48 PM

The penultimate ordinary episode of Voyager to air before the finale, will no longer be known as 'Destiny,' but will now be titled 'Homestead.'

Though the The Official Star Trek Site did not give a reason for this change, this renaming is likely in the spirit of previous Trek title changes in order to avoid confusion with the third season Deep Space Nine episode, also titled 'Destiny.'

Most recently, the Voyager episodes 'Blink of an Eye' and 'Tsunkatse' were re-titled from 'Wink of an Eye' and 'Arena' to avoid confusion with episodes from the Original Series. Brannon Braga commented at the time: "When you come up with a cool idea, you run with it, but you have to keep in mind the larger context of 500 episodes of Star Trek and nine movies. You canít ignore it. You just canít. Just the other day, we had two scripts we were getting ready to shoot back to back, and we realized they both had titles from the original series: 'Wink of an Eye' and 'Arena.' We had to change them."

While titles have on occasion been very similar, the franchise has so far managed to avoid duplicating episode titles. 'The Emissary' was the title of a first season Next Generation episode, while 'Emissary' is of course the pilot episode of Deep Space Nine. 'First Contact' is both the title of a Next Generation episode, and also the second film to feature the TNG cast. Other similarities can be seen in The Animated Series, which had episodes entitled 'The Survivor' and 'The Eye of The Beholder,' which are also similar to TNG titles.

'Homestead' will feature Neelix reunited with his people as he tries to save an imperilled Talaxian settlement. In addition to the title change, the official site also revealed the list of guest characters appearing in 'Homestead' and 'Natural Law' - for that information, please follow this link.

'Homestead' is scheduled to air on 9th May at 9 p.m on UPN. Thanks to John A.D. Holt for the extra information on titles.

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