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By Christian
April 24, 2001 - 12:34 PM

  • A new poll at the web site of the Canadian Space! channel is asking who the wirtiest robot is - C3PO from Star Wars, Bishop from Aliens, Simon 090491 from Space Bar or Data. In a previous Data-related poll on the site, Seven of Nine was chosen with 43% of the votes as the most superior opponent to Data - other options in the poll included Superman (who got 39% of the votes), The Incredible Hulk (13%) and Worf (5%).

  • 'Johnson over Jordan,' the play that will mark the return of Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) to the British stage after an absence of 15 years, has been announced to run from the 29th of August to the 29th of September, 2001, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Story information on the play has been posted at Patrick Stewart - The Actors' Actor.

  • Decipher has posted four new cards from their 'Voyager' set: Seska, Assign Mission Specialist, Motura and the Kazon Warship.

  • The Fiction Forest has posted a transcript of a live chat with Jeanne Kalogridis, who as J.M. Dillard has been responsible for the novelisation of the last 5 Star Trek films, though in the chat she mostly talked about her non-Trek work. Thanks go out to ODN for this!

  • Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) made a brief appearance on last Sunday's 'X-Files' episode. Thanks go out to Doug Wilson and Matt Gilbert for this!

  • Matt sends along word that two new Original Series DVDs were released today: Volume 21, containing 'I, Mudd' and 'The Trouble With Tribbles,' and Volume 22, containing 'Bread and Circuses' and 'Journey to Babel.'

  • According to her official site, Chase Masterson (Leeta) will be returning this year to host the Sexiest Geek Alive contest. Thanks go out again to ODN.

  • George F. Slavin, who co-wrote the script for the Original Series episode 'The Mark of Gideon,' recently passed away at the age of 85 (ODN).

  • And as if you hadn't guessed already, editor Adam Bailey has sent out a new edition of the bi-weekly Optical Data Network newsletter. If the new issue (#121) didn't already arrive in your mailbox, you can find a web version here, or subscribe here.

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