Two New Trek Nation Features

By Christian
April 24, 2000 - 8:38 PM

Over at the Trek Nation, Fred Shedian has put up a new edition of his 'A Take On Trek' column, looking at the fan reaction to the Excelsior Campaign, and also looking at how a Captain Sulu series would turn out for Trek:

During the last two weeks, I decided to do something I haven't done in quite some time. I looked up my TrekBBS account ID and went into several threads, tossing out comments to certain topics I found interesting. One topic I was very interested in was one titled "excelsior can save trek?...prove it can." During this time, I spent quite a large amount of time responding to people's posts and giving remarks about my feelings of the EXCELSIOR Campaign.

Throughout the discussion several issues came up I believe are worth another look at. I have previously given remarks about this campaign, but would like to spend time today talking about fan reaction to it. I believe the reaction by some is simply disgusting, disgraceful, rude and makes me sick to the stomach.

To see the full column, which is already generating enourmous amounts of feedback mail, please follow this link.

Also new is a new installment of Edzo's Reviews, in which Ed Hines analyses the recent Voyager episode 'Live Fast and Prosper', awarding it three stars:

"Live Fast and Prosper" is a light adventure to begin the last six episodes of the season. It manages to distinguish itself with a solid (although unremarkable) story that is packed with subtle humor, good continuity and some genuine camaraderie among the major characters.

More can be found in the full review.

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