Pegg Almost Said 'No' To 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
March 24, 2008 - 3:42 AM

Simon Pegg had to work past his fear before deciding to commit to a contract for a possible three Star Trek films.

As reported by MTV Movies Blog, fear of commitment made Pegg hesitate to sign a contract for possible multiple Star Trek films.

"I said, 'What am I going to do?' I thought about it for a bit because you have to commit to a series of films and that puts you in a situation where the studio has some control over what you do," said Pegg. "I called up J.J. and I said, 'the idea is amazing but I'm worried.' And he said, 'what's the worst that can happen? We hang out every three years and make a fun film?'"

Pegg dropped a small hint about Scotty in Star Trek XI. Referring to two visiting friends, he said, "[They] both came when I was on the bridge. I felt pretty self-conscious." So it would appear that Scotty gets out of Engineering at least for some part of the film.

His portrayal of Scotty will be his own, not an imitation of James Doohan's work. "I didn't want to go in there and do an impression of James Doohan. His Scotty is so definitive. So I decided to just channel my wife's family and do something that was a tribute to him but not an attempt to ape him."

Pegg was unable to take away any souvenirs from his time on Star Trek XI with him. "I would have loved to have taken a phaser or a tricorder or even my Starfleet Academy ring," he said. "But sadly they hold onto that."

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