New April Episode Spoilers

By Christian
March 24, 2003 - 6:55 PM

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With new episodes now just over a week away, extensive spoilers on three of Enterprise's upcoming adventures appeared online today. The new issue of the British magazine SFX featured new plot information on three episodes airing in April, all provided by their regular source 'TrekSpy'. A copy of the spoiler report was posted today on the Great Link, while summaries of the new information can be found below:

  • In "Horizon" Travis Mayweather visits the cargo ship he grew up on, the Horizon, for the first time since his father's death. His younger brother Paul is now in command of the ship, while his mother is chief engineer. Shortly after Mayweather arrives, the Horizon is attacked by a group of aliens who threaten to raid the ship's cargo. Mayweather wants to rig up some defenses, but Paul disagrees, leading to an argument between the two brothers. To his mother, Mayweather confesses he is thinking of rejoining the Horizon's crew. But when the alien cruiser shows up and demands not only the Horizon's cargo, but also the ship itself, Paul finally decides to fight. Using Mayweather's newly installed weapons the two brothers manage to cripple the alien cruiser, and this gives Paul enough confidence to stay on as captain of the Horizon. Knowing his brother will be up to the job, Travis is able to return to the Enterprise again.

  • In the Denobulan-centered episode "The Breach", Trip, Reed, and Mayweather take a shuttlepod to rescue a group of Denobulan scientists that have been expelled by the new military government of the planet Xantoras. Problem is, the Denobulans don't want to leave the planet. At the same time, the Enterprise rushes to the aid of a damaged ship, and takes on a seriously injured Antaran. But when Dr. Phlox wants to treat him, the Antaran refuses to get any help from a Denobulan, a race the Antarans fought a bloody war with. Phlox has to find a way to convince the Antaran to receive treatment from him.

  • In "The Cogenitor", Trip takes on the plight of the Cogenitor, a member of an alien race known as the Vissians. Concerned that the Cogenitor is discriminated against by the other Vissians, Trip teaches him to read and write. Eventually, the Cogenitor requests asylum at the Enterprise, infuriating the Vissians. Archer is furious with Trip, but does consider granting the request. However, eventually the Cogenitor is returned to the Vissians, and they part from the Enterprise on good terms - only to send a message a few days later that the Cogenitor has committed suicide.
Please note that the above information has not been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures, and thus should be treated as you would any rumour. All three episodes are scheduled to air this April. For more detailed spoilers, please visit the Great Link.

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