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By Amy
March 24, 2001 - 3:02 PM

  • In the first of two such article today, Gamespot has interviewed a number of people on the production team for the upcoming release, 'Star Trek: Borg Assimilator'. Among those who stepped up to the microphone were marketing manager Jan Adan, producer Jon Clark, art director Seth Spaulding and engine architect Ken Grey.

  • Meanwhile, Beyond Borg also has an 'Assimilator' interview, this time just with Jon Clark and Jay Adan. Among points of interest is that there are no current plans for the game to include a multiplayer mode:

    Beyond: It is my understanding that at this time there is no intention for Borg Assimilator to include Multi-player as an option. Did you feel this was a limitation of the style of gameplay you were pursuing or perhaps the idea of competitive/cooperative Borg colonies didn't make much sense, or are there other reasons you did not pursue multi-player?

    Adan: Dueling Borg does seem a bit silly, doesn't it? With that in mind, it wasn't hard to come to the decision that spending time on a multi-player version of the game wasn't really worth the effort. We felt that it would be better to put all of our energy into making the best single-player experience that we can.

  • German site Games mania has posted a review of the most recent Trek release, 'Away Team'. Reviewer Jan Hoellger rated it 77%, saying that the game controls and sound were almost perfect, but in the actual 'play' aspects, the game was lacking (in German).

  • Meanwhile, Gamespot Australia has posted a belated review of 'Star Fleet Command II: Empires at War'. Reviewer James Cottee rated it 7.2 out of ten, with the final conmment of "Those who pour over Star Trek Technical manuals will find the elaborate management of ship systems stimulating, and for the surviving fans of the original board game it's doubtless a dream come true. People who don't fit into either group may have a latent capacity for its appreciation, but should remember that being a slavish fanboy to something is always a good way to ignore its flaws."

  • Broken Pixel has posted a likewise belated review, this time, however, of 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen'. R eviewer Christian Ayotte said that while he "would have preferred Colm Meany's and Avery Brooks' voices used for their characters. Also, the mission objectives were a little vague at some points and the missions themselves got to be rather repetitive. Otherwise, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen provided a very enjoyable gaming experience which [he] would rank as the best Star Trek game [he] have yet to play."

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