No Plans For 'Voyager' Movie

By Amy
March 24, 2001 - 1:45 PM

The latest edition of the Cinescape Insider newsletter features a snippet from an upcoming 'Son of Sequel Mania' Cinescape special, looking at the future of Star Trek.

One question many people are asking is whether Voyager will follow the example set by the Next Generation and make the jump to the big screen. Of course, whether this is possible or not is largely dependant on the final outcome of the series - do they get home or not. As with so many questions revolving around the future of Star Trek, the people in the know arenít very forthcoming.

"At the big [TV critics'] press conference," Robert Picardo (The Doctor) told the magazine, "Rick Berman was asked that question and was, as usual, totally evasive. But he said there were possibilities that all or some of the Voyager characters would appear in a future film. However," Picardo adds, "I think the sense I got from his answer was that there are no current plans at all for that, that they were just keeping their options open."

Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), too, is in the dark. "They haven't precluded the notion of a Voyager movie, nor have they established it. I think they need to see how the next series goes and what happens in the wake of the Voyager finale."

More of the interview can be found in the latest edition of the Cinescape Insider, subscribable to on the Cinescape Online main page, while the full article, along with reports on numerous other sequels in production at the moment, is only available at selected newsstands or via special order from Cinescape. For more information on ordering a copy of the 100-page, $10 special, contact Jack Copley at

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