Two 'Good Shepherd' Reviews

By Christian
March 24, 2000 - 11:01 PM

Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans sends along word she's put up her review of 'Good Shepherd', an episode she rather liked:

What sheer pleasure it is to watch Janeway be "captainly" these days. She's poised, approachable, and yet just as much in charge as ever. It's clear her unexpected roles on Voyager as mayor and social leader have been good for her. She has indeed become Voyager's "good shepherd" long before this episode. As a consequence, her task in reclaiming these three crewmen isn't brand new, but just enough of a stretch to keep us guessing. Sure, she can order them around? But can she make the into proper crewmen?

This episode promised special pleasure for me, as I've long been wishing for another episode, like "Learning Curve," where we get to meet other members of the crew. After six years in space, it can sometimes seem like the only people on the ship are the main crew, Ayala and Naomi, "and the rest."

Of course, a special can bring a special disappointment, but in this case I was more than happy all the way through.

Julia's full review can be found by following this link. In addition, Jim Wright at Delta Blues has also put up his review of the episode. Awarding it 3.5 stars, Jim was also fairly impressed:

"Good Shepherd" is a story that works better than it probably should. The science is goofy, the premise forced, the charactersa bit two-dimensional, and the ending abrupt enough to send me to my physical therapist for whiplash treatment. But it's also a more-or-less amiable hour of TV with some amusing moments,snappy comebacks,eye-popping special effects, andsurprisingly sympathetic performances.

Click here for the full review, as usual containing a huge synopsis. The Delta Blues 'Child's Play' review is still being worked on, apparently.

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