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Berman, Braga Talk Future Trek

By Christian
March 24, 2000 - 10:05 PM

Anna L. Kaplan at Fandom.com has put up an interview with Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, the two top people in the Star Trek franchise at the moment. In the interview, the producers talk extensively about Trek's future, including the remainder of the current Voyager season, Series V and Trek X.

Unfortunately, Berman didn't yet want to provide any real plot info about the fifth series. He did mention again that, though definitely Star Trek, Series V will be "far more different than really all three of the last series have been from the original." In addition, Berman also dismissed the reports about multiple Series V concepts being developed in the past. Finally, he revealed that the problems surrounding the status of UPN were apparently a delaying factor in the development of the new series, and that now Viacom will be the sole owner of the network it is likely Series V will also end up there. More official info on Series V probably won't be out for at least another three months or so, according to Berman.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Berman also confirmed a tenth Star Trek feature film is currently in development. He wasn't yet able to say who was involved in it or what it would be about, but there is already a story, and there are already people writing it. In all likelihood, Trek X will be another TNG-centered film.

In the interview, Berman also talked a bit about what's coming in the final half dozen episodes of the season. He confirmed that the two-parter ending the sixth and starting the seventh season will be called 'Unimatrix Zero', will feature the return of the Borg Queen, and that in it "we may very well see the beginning of the end of the Borg."

More spoilers about the rest of the season, as well as a few more quotes from Berman and Braga about Series V, can be found in the full article. Interestingly, in it they also confirm the departure of Joe Menosky from the Voyager writing staff, as originally rumoured back in January.

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