Howard Stern Talks Voyager

By Christian
March 24, 2000 - 12:18 AM

Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga just sent in the following report about this morning's edition of the Howard Stern Show:

On this morning's edition of The Howard Stern Show, Robin Quivers, in her daily news report, mentioned STAR TREK: VOYAGER and the now-widely publicized fact that it's ending next season.

Both Quivers and Howard Stern mentioned how much they love the series, especially now (paraphrasing) that the writing has improved. Stern is also apparently a big fan of the Borg episodes, and the two of them briefly discussed the Borg children, as he had missed the original Borg Children episode and Quivers had to fill him in on what he had missed.

As for his favorite characters, Stern's favorites are Seven of Nine (no real surprise there), and Captain Janeway.

Both of them enjoyed "Virtuoso," and while Stern is not a big fan of The Doctor character, he enjoys Robert Picardo's work on the series. Both Stern and Quivers also mentioned that they do not like the Neelix character, but Stern did mention that Ethan Phillips is a fan of the radio show (and judging by the baudy content of his stand-up routine at last year's Galaxy Ball, that's not a real surprise!).

In closing the discussion, Stern mentioned that his longtime colleague and friend Fred Norris was a hologram, which brought much laughter from everyone in the studio. =)

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