Dawson Talks Helming 'Enterprise'

By Antony
February 24, 2003 - 10:56 PM

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Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) has spoken about her recurring directing gigs on Enterprise, explaining that although she tries to push the envelope it's not always possible.

It was directing her last episode, 'Dawn', that the actress-turned-director was put to the test in filming "the most extensive fight sequence that Star Trek history has ever seen — that's not me saying that, that was the producers," she told Star Trek Monthly. "That was my challenge, and it ended up being quite long, and quite important. It's a turning point in the script." After filming and compiling the fight sequence, it came to two and a half minutes of airtime. "It's important that it had that kind of weight because these two needs to battle each other to the point where they cannot move anymore. It's after they cannot fight any more that they much reconcile."

However, Dawson found out the scene wasn't going to be used in its entirety. "The producers told me to pull out all the stops on this fight sequence for 'Dawn', but they ended up cutting the single most violent section, which I think they should have kept in. I think they want to go so far, but then they get scared. But they are trying, and that's a good thing, because I think that it's important to the story. I don't believe in gratuitous violence and sex and all that, but this particular fight sequence, this section, which was a bit more violent that Star Trek audiences were used to, was important to our plot."

Disappointment aside, Dawson seems to trust the producers' judgement. "They don't want to go too far. Even though Enterprise is trying to be different, push the envelope and somewhat redefine the Trek franchise, they still are the Trek franchise, and pushing the envelope does not mean going outside of the envelope. But they apparently know what works with their audience."

The full interview, where Dawson talks more about directing, preferring it to acting, and the Andorians ("I got to define the blue guys!") can be found in issue 102 of Star Trek Monthly.

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