Gaming Bullets

By Amy
February 24, 2001 - 6:48 AM

  • Simon & Schuster Interactive has launched the official site for upcoming Star Trek title, ‘Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars’. It contains a fair amount of information including details on the various captains and ships you can play as. To visit, please follow this link.

  • Still with ‘Dominion Wars’, Mike Wallis has updated his .plan file, announcing that the project’s hit alpha phase as of this week, with the Federation and Dominion campaigns up and running and the missions themselves ranging from between 50% and 90%.of completion

  • GA Strategy also has five new screenshots from the game, all of which can be found here.

  • The official ‘Bridge Commander’ site has released another screenshot of the week showing off their new damage modelling system.

  • A number of more new ‘Bridge Commander’ screen shots can be found at Sci-Fi Gaming.

  • UK PC Zone’s Andrew Wright has posted his review of ‘Star Fleet Command II –Empires at War‘. Rating it 75%, he called it “great if you're a Trekkie, and totally mind-boggling if you're not”

  • Meanwhile there’s a somewhat belated review of Voyager title, ‘Elite Force’ over at The BackBurner. It’s rated a 92% and called a “must for any Star Trek fan, and a must for and FPS addict”.
Thanks go out to Blue's News for some of these!

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