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McNeill Answers

By Amy
February 24, 2001 - 3:14 AM

The official site has posted the results of its latest question and answer session, this time with Robert Duncan McNeill who portrays Voyager’s helmsman and sometimes medic, Tom Paris. Season seven sees Tom adapting to a number of changes in his life, namely his marriage to half-Klingon chief engineer B’Elanna Torres and the impending birth of their child, but surprisingly few of questions canter around this, instead focusing on other aspects of the actor’s life and career.

Like every other member of the cast, McNeill is in the dark when it comes to the series finale. He does have some ideas about what he’d like to see, some of which he may be getting, judging by current information - he wants “a classic bookend” to the series. “We got lost in the first minutes of the first episode and I would like to see us get back in the final minutes of the final episode,” he told the site, “To me, the most dramatic thing would be a final image of them all with their arms around each other going, 'Look what we've done. We've survived this trip and we've made it back in record time.”

McNeill is also glad that his character hooked up with long-time romantic interest B’Elanna Torres. The two actors had felt for some time that they’d “had the worst of both worlds”. Week after week they were supposedly dating each other, which left them unable to explore other romances with aliens-of-the-week, yet got virtually no on-screen time to deal with the relationship. Considering the reluctance early on to explore the relationship, he was surprised by the decision to "go ahead and jump in with both feet."

To read the full Q&A session, where McNeill talks about directing, Tom’s fascination with the 20th century and what not to do on motorcycles, follow this link to the official site.

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