Still More Voyager Episode Bytes

By Amy
February 24, 2001 - 12:56 AM

This image is copyright of ParamountToday seems to be the day for new episode information – the official site has just posted brief synopses and some production information for the final three regular Voyager episodes before the finale – ‘Natural Law’, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Renaissance Man’.

This image is copyright of ParamountNothing new, it seems is revealed in the synopses themselves, though a quick flick through the production info may be of interest. For example, LeVar Burton, TNG’s Geordie LaForge will return to the Voyager’s directors chair once more for ‘Desinty’, a Neelix-centered episode.

Those synopses and related info can be found below, or here originally, along with a couple of new screenshots from next week’s Voyager episode, posted by both the official site here and on UPN’s 'Ship's Log' page. Please note that said photos are copyright of Paramount.

’Natural Law’

Production Number: 268
Story: Kenneth Biller and James Kahn
Teleplay: James Kahn
Director: Terry Windell
Synopsis: Seven of Nine and Chakotay find themselves marooned in a hostile primitive environment.


Production Number: 269
Story: Raf Green
Director: LeVar Burton
Synopsis: Neelix is reunited with his people as he tries to save an imperilled Talaxian settlement.

‘Renaissance Man’

Production Number: 270
Story: TBA
Director: Allan Kroeker
Synopsis: The Doctor must become a master of disguise to save Captain Janeway.

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