Mulgrew's 'Perception' Opens in Manhattan

By Michelle
January 24, 2006 - 8:01 PM

Perception, a new film featuring Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) scheduled for DVD release in February, opened last weekend for a brief run in Manhattan.

The New York Times reviewed the film, saying that "if it weren't for the fact that several of its characters die, Irving Schwartz's twisted, laugh-free comedy 'Perception' might be the pilot episode of a low-rent imitation of the television series 'Arrested Development.'"

The film stars Piper Perabo as Jen, a potentially unstable woman torn between a possessive girlfriend and an her old high school boyfriend who is disabled in a traffic accident. Mulgrew plays the "authoritarian doctor" in charge of Jen's rehabilitation, who urges her without much success to consult a psychiatrist.

"As the jaundiced, disjointed, drug-infested story heads toward its dismal conclusion, its reputable actors vainly struggle to infuse the goings-on with a deadpan psychotic zaniness," noted critic Stephen Holden. "But even when viewed sideways, 'Perception' is not funny." lists Perception as being available for pre-order on DVD for shipment February 28th. More information is available at The Internet Movie Database.

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