'Voyager Companion' Details Released

By Antony
January 24, 2003 - 11:46 PM

'The Voyager Companion' -- courtesy of Psi Phi, copyright Pocket Books Pocket Books has released details for its upcoming release of a Voyager companion book.

According to details published at Psi Phi, the 'The Voyager Companion' is now set for release in April, 2003. The book has been delayed, and was originally set to arrive at the end of 2001. Also at the site is the cover artwork (seen in the image to the right). The book will contain information on each episode of the show, along with facts and insight through interviews with cast and crew.

'The Voyager Companion' is written by Paul Ruditis. Ruditis previously penned the novelisation to Enterprise's 'Shockwave', and provided behind the scenes information for the novelisation of 'Broken Bow'. His other writing credits include novels for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a companion for The West Wing and a Roswell quiz book.

The guide follows in the footsteps of two other companions for recent Trek shows. 'The Next Generation Companion' written by Larry Nemecek came first, and is now on its third edition having been updated for the 'Nemesis'. Then came the 'Deep Space Nine Companion' written by Terry Erdmann. 'The Voyager Companion' is the first companion guide for the fourth Star Trek series.

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More information and a larger cover image can be found here at Psi Phi. Thanks to TrekWeb!

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