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'Sleeping Dogs' Promo Released

By Caillan
January 24, 2002 - 8:42 AM

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'Sleeping Dogs' promo photo - courtesy Outpost6, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN last night released the trailer for 'Sleeping Dogs', next week's Enterprise episode.

In the episode, Sato, Reed and T'Pol are trapped on a ship full of dead Klingons after their shuttlepod is stolen by a fiery Klingon female.

The 30-second promo has been made available online at Outpost6. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Enterprise orbiting a gas giant.]
[Mayweather, sitting at the helm, turns to look at Archer standing over him.]
[A torpedo whizzes past the Klingon vessel in the gas giant.]
[On the Klingon ship, T'Pol and Reed turn and look off-screen.]
[An explosion within the gas giant.]
[Bu'kaH, a Klingon woman, lying in sickbay.]
Bu'kaH: "When our birds of prey arrive..."
[Archer listening to Bu'kaH.]
[Bu'kaH lying down in sickbay.]
Bu'kaH: "...your ship will be destroyed."
[Archer, frustrated, walks past Trip.]
Archer: "Remind me to stop trying to help people."


[A hatchway on the Klingon ship opens and an Enterprise crew member steps through.]
[T'Pol and Reed try to move a dead Klingon.]
[Sato and T'Pol in their spacesuits on the Klingon ship.]
Sato: "You can't smell that?"
[T'Pol and Reed in spacesuits.]
T'Pol: "It's called gagh. It's a Klingon delicacy."
[Sato picks up a plate of gagh.]
Sato: "They look like worms."
[Sato shines her torch on the gagh.]
T'Pol: "They are worms."
[Sato pulls a face and puts the gagh down.]


[The camera pans over the body of a dead Klingon.]
[Sato shines her torch on a dead Klingon and puts her hand over her mouth.]
[A door opens and a live targ jumps out and growls.]
[The Klingon vessel begins to sink into the gas giant.]
[Hoshi, T'Pol and Reed on the shaking ship.]
[Tucker fires a phase pistol.]
[Reed turns around in shock.]
[Sato buries her head in her hands.]
[T'Pol, Sato and Reed are sitting in their underwear in the decontamination chamber.]
Reed: "It certainly feels nice to be clean again."
T'Pol: "It is...pleasant."
[Long shot of the trio in the chamber.]

The 3.58 MB Quicktime trailer can be downloaded here at Outpost6. 'Sleeping Dogs' will air January 30 on UPN.

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