Frakes Reminisces

By T'Bonz
December 23, 2007 - 3:46 AM

"Aren't you the Star Trek guy?" will forever be our epitaph, says Jonathan Frakes.

As reported at Total Sci Fi, Frakes had no idea that Star Trek: The Next Generation would still be part of his life twenty years later. "Certainly not in the beginning and not for the first year either, said Frakes. "When the show became popular and the numbers became huge, and the conventions became a big part of our lives, it opened up like a flower. We realised that we were part of the popular culture in a way that I was either in denial about or unclear about."

Other than LeVar Burton, who was known for his role in Roots, the other Next Generation actors were not well-known prior to appearing on The Next Generation. "[The Next Generation] changed our lives because we became, at least in this Star Trek world, very recognisable," said Frakes.

He would rather be known for Star Trek than for something of which he would be less proud. "I've done some bad television," he admitted. "I'd done a lot of bad television before Star Trek! What started as just another audition for just another show, and you hoped you'd get the job, turned into a life-changing experience."

Frakes feels that the future of Trek will be positive. "J.J. [Abrams] has been given the keys to the spaceship. Seeing what he has done so far, I think the franchise is in good hands. It could be great."

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