Cho And Urban Discuss Star Trek XI

By T'Bonz
December 23, 2007 - 2:43 AM

Newcomers to the Trek franchise are enthusiastic about their roles as Sulu and McCoy.

As reported at Sci Fi Pulse recently, John Cho is excited about playing Sulu in Star Trek XI. "I'm excited and scared, just like I was excited and scared about getting married. It means a certain part of your life is over and you're probably ending it because you're looking forward to something great around the corner, but at the same time, you mourn a little bit for the old life."

Cho recognized that this role would have an effect upon his future. "This is possibly crazy thinking, but being part of this franchise will, Iím sure, open me up to new audiences, and also alter my life in ways that I canít really imagine at this point. Only someone whoís been through it, like George, can tell me."

Discussing the role of Sulu with George Takei would be a help to Cho. "I feel like I have some general questions," he said. "But its J.Jís prerogative to direct me in that sphere. I have some questions for him in terms of what life is like when you join the Star Trek franchise."

Another newcomer to the franchise spoke with TV Guide regarding his Leonard McCoy role. "McCoy is the lovable, irascible humanist that he has always been [and] a good friend of Jim Kirk," said Karl Urban. When asked if the young McCoy would deliver his trademark "I'm a doctor, not a (fill-in-the-blank)" lines, he laughed and said, "I can't say! I would love to tell you, but I'm not allowed to say."

Head here and here to read both articles.

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