I Believe In The Trek Ideal, Bakula Says

By Caillan
December 23, 2001 - 12:39 PM

It may only be a fictional television show, but Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) hopes that one day Trek's vision of the future will become a reality.

"The thought has always been: Won't it be great when we can finally do what they do on Star Trek?" Bakula told Dreamwatch magazine's Ian Spelling (via Scott Bakula Online). "Won't it be great when we can finally transport ourselves and stop with all this mass transit stuff? Won't it be great when we clean up the planet and do all the things in the Roddenberry dream?"

Star Trek gives us something to aspire to, the actor said. "I still believe, and I think so many who are still caught up in the Star Trek lore believe these kinds of things will be possible, will be achieved at some point."

Bakula added that science fiction has made a big impact on today's world. "I think we live in a world that's becoming more and more about creativity and imagination. SF has been long at the forefront of that, since way back when the world was concerned with much more practical matters and the world was dealing in a much more concrete fashion with the bottom line. Now, with the Internet and computers and all the things that are going on technologically, the people who are who are still creating and imagining what else we can do are the ones who constantly amaze me. We're still coming up with great things on this planet and I think SF feeds that in a wonderful way."

To read the full interview with Bakula, in which he also talked about relationships on Enterprise, pick up issue 86 of Dreamwatch magazine, on newsstands now and available online. Alternatively, a transcript is available here at Scott Bakula Online.

The NX-01's captain is also featured in issue 76 of Cult Times, out now. Extracts from the interview are available online at the magazine's web site.

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