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Post-DS9 Book Interview

By Amy
December 23, 2000 - 1:59 PM

Julia Houston,'s Star Trek guide, recently had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Lang, one of the authors involved in the new post-'What You Leave Behind' DS9 book series. In the full interview, Lang talks about his two upcoming Star Trek novels, post-DS9 'Abyss' and a TNG book about Data, 'Immortal Coil'.

The DS9 universe has a huge potential for storytelling. First, there are the larger issues such as the fate of the Alpha Quadrant now that the Dominion War is over. How will all the powers realign themselves? Will the Klingons, Romulans and Federation maintain their alliance or will it begin to crumble? If so, how will the parties fall out? Will there be any new players coming into the mix? What about the Cardassians? They were a potent force at one time, but now their homeworld is in ruins . There's going to be more than one planet or group who has an axe to grind with them. What will the Federation do if someone decides to take retribution? How will the Cardassians react? In a way, the situation very closely mirrors Germany after the end of World War I and we all know what happened there, don't we?

And what about Bajor, a planet that still isn't part of the Federation? As you might recall, getting Bajor into the Federation was Sisko's original mandate. What's up with them now?

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Section 31: Abyss', which Lang is co-written with David Weddle, is the third book in the series after S.D. Perry's two-book 'Avatar', and is set for release in mid-2001. To read the full interview with the author, please drop by's Star Trek Fans.

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