'Galaxy Ball' & Set Tour Report Online

By Amy
November 23, 2000 - 5:52 PM

A Galaxy Ball report has been posted online by Kheris, one of the winners of the set tour auctioned off at the recent charity event. In addition to the usual run-down of the con, there is also a section covering the set tour itself, which, as previously reported, took place during filming for the upcoming episode, 'Shattered'.

Picardo joins us and is glad to see Gloria, who wanted his shirt. With him is the President of his fan club. She signs Gloria up on the spot at Picardo's urging. He starts us into Stage 9, and as we enter a familiar form steps out of the darkness. It is Robert and he joins us as we move on to the Transporter Room. Picardo tells us that the glass ceiling tiles over the transport pods are from the Original Series. What was once part of the floor, and stood upon by Bones, Spock, Kirk, and others, is now above our heads. I reach up and touch this piece of Sci-Fi history. We also see Engineering, with the Warp Core lit up for us. Then we continue to Sick Bay. Picardo declares it is the equivalent of the Embassy Suites, and he is not far off. It has the appearance of being the largest set of all. Robert and Picardo are having fun, Israel is still hamming, and I am urged to join up with Robert and Picardo at a bio bed. I am told that I was really blushing.

We go on to the Cargo Bay. Time for Robert to rehearse and film. Now we get to see how it is done. There are 2-3 takes that I recall. Each one is slightly different. The actor who portrays Icheb is working this scene too. He is with Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman) who is in makeup. Robert brings Scarlett over and introduces her. He announces that she is a scene stealer, and she says that is just the way things are. He laughs and leads her back to where the filming is going to occur. It is quickly over and we move on to Planet Hell. Robert stays behind to rehearse for a Sick Bay scene.

Planet Hell is an all purpose wonder. The Demon Planet, caves, you name it, Planet Hell can do it, including being the site for Captain Proton adventures. The props are all over. We also visit an all purpose alien ship, currently configured as a Kraylon ship. But it looks suspiciously familiar as a Romulan Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey. Israel thinks he sees shades of a Cardassian ship in it too. We come across Laura who works for the UPN station in Miami. She has arranged a tour through Braga's office. It looks like Icheb is escorting her, but I am not sure. Then we head back towards Sick Bay.

To read the full report, please click here.

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