Robert Duncan McNeill Interviewed

By Christian
November 23, 2000 - 1:02 AM

Over at Cinescape, regular contributors Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet have put up a mini-interview with Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris). In the interview, McNeill talks about how he likes to spend his free time (by riding motorcycles), and also talks about the enjoyable times he has on the Voyager set. Here's one of the questions from the interview:

Cinescape: Before hitting the highways, you still have to pilot Voyager and her crew back to the Federation. What is your relationship with Voyager's cast like off camera?

Robert Duncan McNeill: Kate Mulgrew and I have a special friendship in a lot of ways, a lot of it owing to that her dressing trailer and mine face each other. We keep our doors open all the time. We tend to chat, and I hear her on her personal phone calls, talking about her kids and her life and vise versa. So yeah, Kate and I have had a lot of good times, a lot of nice conversations, and have gotten to know each other very well. She's a great lady. She's very passionate and very inspiring. I love Robert Beltran because of his sense of humor. He and I have a lot of fun. Robert does some great impersonations, and great character voices and things. I have to say everybody is special to me, but Ethan Phillips is especially because I have produced two short films [The Battery and Nine Millimeter of Love] and Ethan has been in both of the films. He has been so supportive and played a big part in keeping my spirits up while doing them.

Find a bit more in the full interview. An extended version will undoubtedly be appearing in an upcoming issue of Cinescape Magazine.

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