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The Andorians To Return In 'Proving Ground'

By Caillan
October 23, 2003 - 2:19 AM

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Enterprise's long-running Andorian and Xindi story arcs will reportedly converge in the thirteenth episode of season three.

Sources today revealed the first plot details for the episode, entitled "Proving Ground". The outing will see the return of Shran, the Andorian Imperial Guard officer played by veteran Trek guest star Jeffrey Combs in "The Andorian Incident", "Shadows of P'Jem" and "Cease Fire".

Through circumstances as yet unknown, Shran's Andorian vessel and Enterprise encounter each other in the Delphic Expanse. Shran and his tactical officer, the bewitching female Lieutenant Talas, will reportedly assist the Enterprise crew in a daring heist: to capture the test version of the weapon with which the Xindi are planning to destroy Earth.

Lieutenant Talas works with Malcolm Reed in the armory to ready the NX-01's weapons for the attack. After a rocky start the two begin to work well together, but unknown to Reed, Talas is secretly sabotaging Enterprise's capabilities, for the Andorians are not the friendly assistants they appear to be.

Shran has orders from his superiors to acquire the Xindi weapon for the Andorians to use in their ongoing conflict with the Vulcans. But he is somewhat reluctant to betray the Enterprise, telling an Andorian general that an alliance with the humans could be beneficial. Will Shran follow orders and betray Captain Archer or turn his back on his people?

Please note that this information has not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat it as you would any other rumour from an unofficial source.

"Proving Ground" will likely air in early 2004.

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