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Sirtis 'Very Happy' With 'Nemesis' Role

By Caillan
October 23, 2002 - 2:43 PM

Marina Sirtis couldn't be happier that Deanna Troi will finally get her chance to shine on the big screen, with the counsellor having a sizeable part in the upcoming 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

"[Writer] John Logan, bless his heart, was a big Troi fan, so he's written me a nice role in this movie," Sirtis told Star Trek Monthly's Ian Spelling (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "I'm very happy. Beyond getting married and being a blushing bride, Troi is basically the catalyst in the denouement of the movie because of the relationship that she has with Shinzon. I actually have something to do with the plot this time."

Will Riker and Deanna Troi finally tie the knot in the film, after years of tip-toeing around each on during The Next Generation's run. "I think it was time," the actress said. "I'm just thanking god that it wasn't Troi and Worf. I would have killed myself. I would have. I never liked that relationship."

While Worf and the counsellor became an item in the latter stages of season seven, the relationship was ignored in 'Star Trek: Generations' and the Klingon officer eventually married Jadzia Dax on DS9. "We pretend it never happened," Sirtis said. "We can't refer to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine because the Star Trek: The Next Generation people might not necessarily have watched DS9. I know Michael Dorn plays a lot of stuff, but I think it ends up on the cutting room floor. He's subtexting his ass off!"

The full interview can be found in the latest issue of Star Trek Monthly, out now. Alternatively, excerpts are available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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